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Aryabhatta Videos


About Aryabhatta Exam

Aryabhatta Inter-School Mathematics Competition is conducted by Summer Fields School, Kailash Colony, New Delhi. This exam is being conducted for class 5 & 8 since the very beginning & it has now started for Class XI also from 2017.  This exam is one of the most prestigious competition in Mathematics and young Maths enthusiasts from various schools (mainly Delhi, NCR) look forward to participating in the competition.

The competition challenges and sharpens the students’ analytical skills along with their mathematical capabilities. It helps the students identify their love for the subject and also teaches them the practical application of Maths.
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Aryabhatta Keys & Solutions


Videos on Aryabhatta Exam

The videos on Aryabhatta Exam talk about the nature and level of the exam and also give tips on how to prepare for the same. Solutions to some selected questions from Previous Year Papers have also been explained in these videos.



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