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My son watched the solution video. He was praising your way of solution.



I want to congratulate you on doing such amazing work.. Your video solutions has been of great help to us

-Rupinder Kohli


Your solution videos are great. I saw a few videos on Aryabhatta class 8 exam solutions and they are quite impressive.

-Aashish Jain


Thank you for sharing Aryabhatta previous year question papers and answer key along with solution videos. This whole stuff have proved to be very useful for me as my kids are also appearing for this exam this year.

-Monika Jindal


Thanks.This helped me a lot.

-Preety Shrivastava


I found your videos for aryabhatta solutions very useful.

-Monika Jindal


Thank you for posting the videos of solutions, it is of great help. Many of friends didn't know about it and I shared this great resource with them.

-Smriti Adlakha


Good explanations. Please upload more videos

-Max BlackX


Thanks for the valuable tips. I would also like to mention that I have gone through your videos and find them very good. You are doing great service! Thank you very much again!

-Arun Gupta


Very nice mam . Please upload more videos related to conceptual parts for class 5 students. I like your method very aptly.

-Kalpna Sharma


I take great pleasure to convey my gratitude for the efforts you have put to provide us with aryabhatta exam sample papers along with solutions. As a keen parent, I would like to share my daughter is in class 5, and we hv started practicing your previous years question papers. It is indeed a great help for us parents.

-Ajit Kaur


Thank you, your explanations are very helpful and easy to understand

-Lakshita Jain


Thank you so much ma'am for helping us... your videos are helping me a lot

- Razia Sultana Barbhuiya


Nice. Very informative and useful for kids.

-Sanjiv Garg


Your videos are really very good. I think you are providing very easy and quick solutions.

-Sukirti Pandey


Respected Madam I really appreciate the solutions given on your website for Aryabhatta previous year papers.They were really helpful to my son for preparing for this exam in class 5.

-Monika Gupta


Dear Mam! The maths videos posted by you are very useful. My kids have benefitted a lot from these videos. Thank you :)

-Niti Bansal


Thanx a lot Mam. Even ur you tube videos are very helpful

-Ravinder Bajwa


Thanks for posting all these. I've referred multiple videos, documents, etc. from koolsmartlearning and found very informative. For Aryabhatta exams, this site is one among the best and authentic source for students. Thanks!

-Saurabh Jain


Great, nobel initiative. Shall go a long way, in this virtual world. Shall benefit children of all class, community in increasing their practical understanding of concepts. Kudos!!!

-Rishabh Jain


Superb mam ! Thank you

-Amit Mb


Amazing video Anil and Ritu. My 8th grader is learning a lot from your amazing videos

-Anuj Goswami


Awesome Video. Thanks!

-Anuj Goswami


I am in absolute gratitude for your selfless help and prompt responses everytime

-Khushboo Verma Chopra


Its very nice and very informative

-Pankaj Gupta


Sincerely appreciate your guidance.

-Sameer Gupta


I went to your website and noticed that the answer keys for Class V Arybhatta papers were available for last 2 years.Thanks a lot for that. It will really help

-Sameer Gupta


thnx a lot for your help..u have been a big guiding stone for my child for Aryabhatta

-Khushboo Verma Chopra


Mam I have seen your maths video on you tube. Its good and worthful

-Sarika Sharma


Cant thank u enough for posting the solutions for class 5 Aryabhatta...its people like u who are 'Gurus' in the real sense of the word n by doing everything as a social cause u multiply the respect in my eyes...The effort put by you in solving the papers is visible.the answers are so self explanatory that there is no way one won't understand the solution. ..Thanx again mam for making our lives comfortable

-Khushboo Verma Chopra


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