At KoolSmartLearning, we intend to harness the power of online education to make learning easy.

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About Us

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Our Vision

To establish as the best e-Learning platform to enable student fraternity to enrich their knowledge.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make an easy education dream a reality. We want to see today's students become tomorrow's leaders by enabling them to reach those heights that they are capable of.

Our Testimonials

Very well explained

Neha Arora

thank you so much for this and all the video that you give

Little Princess

Thanku so much...... Really appreciate it!

Navya Singh

These papers are very helpful for me.

Romit Gupta

Thanks for sharing the solution videos . It was pretty helpful for me and I love the way you explained every single question !!

Suhana Gulati

Thanks for your efforts for the solutions and papers.

Manol Sahoo

Thank you , for giving these solution video it helped me a lot .

Annanya Sharma

My son watched the solution video. He was praising your way of solution.


I want to congratulate you on doing such amazing work.. Your video solutions has been of great help to us

Rupinder Kohli

Your solution videos are great. I saw a few videos on Aryabhatta class 8 exam solutions and they are quite impressive.

Aashish Jain

What We Do

E-learning – Video based learning and webinars on high demand topics.

We enable aspiring students to enrich their knowledge through core concept based videos created on various topics

We provide flexibility to learn at their convenient time and calibrate themselves by solving multiple level questions on each topic

We are the pioneers in providing Answer Keys and solutions for prestigious Aryabhatta exam

Students are encouraged to suggest topic for required webinars

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